Facebook Organic Reach: 7 Facebook Tips to Crush It in 2019

facebook organic reach Nov 04, 2018

One of 2018's hot topics has been Facebook and its new algorithm changes. It’s fair to say that the social giant has done it again, making it even harder for brands, businesses, and publishers to have a spot in the news feeds of Facebookers.

So, what does it all mean?

What Facebook is actually trying to do is to create more meaningful interactions between publishers and their audience. The main reason for this is that brands and publishers have not been producing share-worthy quality content that has resulted in a low audience involvement we know as engagement. Our divided media landscape with so much noise in between has left people confused and disinterested.

If you want to know how to still crush it on Facebook despite the new changes that swept everyone off their feet, then keep reading my TOP 7 Facebook tips.

TIP 1: Don’t be boring & publish diverse content OR Be creative & ramp up the posts

Publishing dull content few times a week or a month is simply not enough.

Not anymore.

Content is supposed to be fun and add value to the lives of brands’ followers. If the organic reach of branded pages is low, it’s probably because they don’t know what types of content their audience wants to see. In this case, I recommend to try out different types of content. Images, videos, GIFs, polls, text - you name it.

TIP 2: Create meaningful connections with dialogues

Brands that publish while simply crossing fingers for people to engage with their content are not going to get that far. Facebook has made it very clear that creating a dialogue with followers and fans overrules anything else. Brands, businesses, and marketers that do not understand that are simply doomed.

What’s the solution?

Activating the audience is the best way to go. All in all, businesses need to get creative with initiating dialogues. Asking simple questions about a product’s colour or feature preferences can be a great start.

TIP 3: Dig deep and know your audience

Targeting the right people with the right interests is extremely important. Going after an unknown audience will cost businesses valuable time and won’t make any sense. Consumers who are already interested in a certain brand are more likely to actually engage with its’ content. Facebook Pixel and Custom Audiences are great tools in retargeting people that have already seen brands’ content on their social media or website.

TIP 4: Micro-content is king

Standing out on a Facebook feed that’s packed with an insane amount of information can be tricky. This is where micro-content comes in. Whether it’s images, videos, or text, it needs to be eye-catching. People on social media have been trained to filter out most of what they encounter.

Condensing micro-content is a smart way for brands to make it easy for the user to quickly identify the authenticity and trustworthiness of it. I recommend playing around with pictures, infographics, fun titles, videos, or whatever you feel like will perform better.

TIP 5: Put your money in the right places

Think of it like poker. Not every content piece will do great. But the ones that perform very well, that is where you need to put more money into. Many brands invest in content that sucks hoping that boosting it will miraculously make it better. Trust me, it won’t.

TIP 6: Don’t leave people hanging

Social media is social and brands need to recognize it sooner rather than later. A lot of businesses out there ignore that and choose not to engage with their audience. Answering questions or getting into a dialogue with people who follow them help brands to form solid relationships and makes people coming back for more. Why not hire a community manager or an agency for this task?

This is where the prime opportunity lies. Be humble and kind to your audience because sometimes a simple thank you can make a big difference.

TIP 7: Never give up

Sounds like a cliché but it’s true. I recommend brands to do whatever it takes, whether it’s using new tools, doing more video, or using better Facebook ads, it’s important to keep on moving forward.

The learning point

Brands should focus more on nurturing their communities rather than just shooting out irrelevant content. Engagement is more important than ever and businesses should do some quality management in their content to live up to their followers’ aspirations.

The long-term consequences of the changes are yet to be distinguished but until then, hang on and follow my seven tips on how to slay the devious Facebook algorithms and make it into the news feed.


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