Instagram Marketing Trends for 2019

instagram marketing Dec 15, 2018

It is apparent that Instagram keeps moving forward, with additions like stories and more recently IGTV - it is changing and you can capitalise on it or be left behind. Read this blog about Instagram Marketing Trends for 2019 for how to win on the platform. Warning: You’ll have to get your wallet out and you will have to get comfortable with video.

Trend 1 of 5: Organic reach is decreasing

Don’t ever forget this:

The algorithm continues to shift towards limiting organic reach. To combat this, you may want to start to boost your posts. This is fairly easy to do right inside the Instagram app if you have a business profile. 

You can also run Ads for Instagram from the Facebook Ads Manager if you’d like to reach greater audiences.

To beat the algorithm, you should first understand how it works. A big part of the algorithm is showing users what they are interested in. If they engage with your posts, they’ll get shown more of them. The algorithm used to show people the most recent posts, however, this in recent times hasn’t been the case. But we still see new posts showing up the feed, so make sure you post regularly.

Relationship is another algorithm factor. If you like and comment on many of the posts from one account, or even get tagged on those posts, they’ll be in your feed more.

A good tip is to only boost posts people are highly engaged with. So take a look at your highest performing posts and boost those. To get the most out of your content, use hashtags and remember to follow them to track progress.

When there are comments or mentions of your brand on Instagram, it is important that you react and respond.

You can also start the dialogue with a question in the caption. 

Brands are hoping that harnessing these changes will lead to sales.

How can you use this trend

Trend 2 of 5 - Shop till you drop...your phone

The imminent shopping integration

While at this point you still have to seek approval to use this feature - Instagram have introduced tagging products in photos. A collaboration between Instagram and Shopify has allowed customers to buy products without leaving the app.

You currently have to operate your business in a supported country, have a Facebook shop on your linked Facebook account and an Instagram business profile. You then have to add Instagram sales to your shopify account. You will have to meet Instagram’s merchant agreement and commerce policies. With Instagram shopping you can shop from posts, or the Shop Feed that will be on the brand’s Instagram account.

Trend 3 - micro influencers vs. macro

You might be wondering:

Who can you connect with to get people to buy? When it comes to the size of following - it is all about quality over quantity. Mid-sized, micro-influencers who can be defined as anyone in the thousands as far as followers go typically have more of a friend relationship with their audience. 

They are characterized by high sales and low engagement for their suggestions - they are seen as relatable and trustworthy. Macro influencers have many times the followings (over 100,000) of micro influencers, and it is easier to coordinate one influencer than multiple. But as will illustrated in the following - larger brands have found success with micro influencers.   

Here are some great cases of brands that have used microinfluencers to their advantage.

Case 1: Google and The Sorry Girls

Google got together with Instagram duo @thesorrygirls, who posted a giveaway of a pixelbook.

The post was a success at over 11,000 likes and 7900 comments.

Case 2:

Audiobook service Audible went away from using macro influencers and tested out a campaign with micro influencer Jesse Driftwood who posts landscapes on his Instagram account.

In the post he shares how Audible advanced his career - it garnered 10,700 likes and 300 comments.

Having a real person to relate to can also help in shared Instagram live video.

Trend 4: Live video - with a famous friend

To maximise impact - promote your live video a while before the day. Also, seriously consider going live with a friend to share each other’s audiences. Jared Leto and Gucci got together for a live with friends that was mutually beneficial.

Once it’s done remember you can save the video to your camera roll for future use.

Video can also be used on the relatively new IGTV.

Trend 5: The battle for our hearts and our attention - longform video

IGTV is a challenge to original video content from Snapchat and YouTube. It is Instagram unleashing users and brands to produce video longer than 60 seconds. 

Let’s face it:

Breaking up instagram stories into multiple clips, doesn’t make for the best user experience. IGTV can put a stop to content creators recording and cutting many videos. You’ll have to ask: is IGTV beneficial in your brand reaching its target audience? As well as: how can it be incorporated in content marketing strategy? It seems clear that vertical video will have to be considered in part of the content creation process from now on.

In the end - for continued success on Instagram, boost posts, go live potentially with a friend, reach out to micro influencers and produce content that is suitable for IGTV. 

Getting out in front with these Instagram Marketing Trends for 2019 will give you the leg up you need on this platform and give your brand a real boost.


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