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Facebook Organic Reach: 7 Facebook Tips to Crush It in 2019

facebook organic reach Nov 04, 2018

One of 2018's hot topics has been Facebook and its new algorithm changes. It’s fair to say that the social giant has done it again, making it even harder for brands, businesses, and publishers to have a spot in the news feeds of Facebookers.

So, what does it all mean?

What Facebook is actually trying to do is to create more meaningful interactions between publishers and their audience. The main reason for this is that brands and publishers have not been producing share-worthy quality content that has resulted in a low audience involvement we know as engagement. Our divided media landscape with so much noise in between has left people confused and disinterested.

If you want to know how to still crush it on Facebook despite the new changes that swept everyone off their feet, then keep reading my TOP 7 Facebook tips.

TIP 1: Don’t be boring & publish diverse content OR Be creative & ramp up the posts

Publishing dull content few times a week or a month is simply not...

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