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Instagram Marketing Trends for 2019

instagram marketing Dec 15, 2018

It is apparent that Instagram keeps moving forward, with additions like stories and more recently IGTV - it is changing and you can capitalise on it or be left behind. Read this blog about Instagram Marketing Trends for 2019 for how to win on the platform. Warning: You’ll have to get your wallet out and you will have to get comfortable with video.

Trend 1 of 5: Organic reach is decreasing

Don’t ever forget this:

The algorithm continues to shift towards limiting organic reach. To combat this, you may want to start to boost your posts. This is fairly easy to do right inside the Instagram app if you have a business profile. 

You can also run Ads for Instagram from the Facebook Ads Manager if you’d like to reach greater audiences.

To beat the algorithm, you should first understand how it works. A big part of the algorithm is showing users what they are interested in. If they engage with your posts, they’ll get shown more of them. The algorithm used to show...

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